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I foresee great things in your future. You should come see it sometime. I'm sorry, but this particular request is not for Acrobats. Hurry to Darkon village and find out what you can do there. He loves to travel but, if you hurry, you might catch him in Flaris. He's hiding something. You've become a wise retainer of hero! I have lived here for over years, but there are far more secrets than answers in this world. You need to try a lot harder than that. You just have believe.

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Well, all they play is Rock, Paper, Scissors. However, you can find them by the floating island in Flaris, near the giant tree in Sain City, and in the vicinity of the Crane Machinery in Darkon. Each class has two different kinds. Don't lose it! I cannot guide you any further. The Heroes will be looking after you along the way. Each day is a blessing. The Heroes have given us freedom and hope.

I've lost my treasure! Where is it?! Dien should be on the bridge over on the other side. Drillers can be found near the Loadlight. He should somewhere near the Pranksters. As a result, they may drop items.

I'm waiting for someone else. Come back after you've gained some experience and I might considering talking to you. Retrieve any valuables you find. Come see me again when you are rested up and I will have another task for you. This path is meant for the brave and the strong. Blessings for the Hero. Glory for the Hero. There, you'll find a beast named Venel Guardian. Vanquish the Venel Guardian to retrieve the Heart of Venel.

He tests overzealous adventurers who would dare follow the Path of the Hero. Santa Claus has lost all of the stockings that hold the children's presents!

We must find the red stockings! Well, I have been tasked with finding evidence of problems with the masquerpets in the mine. However, I am extremely busy out here. Will you enter the mine and look for anything out of the ordinary?

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Anyway, if you find anything, please let me know right away. Please investigate the mine as soon as possible. Only Lvl. Roji asked me to find evidence of it. If you change your mind, come back to me anytime. How did it go? What should I do? I wonder what the reward will be! You can find bouquets by hunting masquerpets. It's time to hunt some masquerpets. You won't regret it! I have a simple test for you before starting the training. Are you ready? I would like you to hunt 10 Small Aibatts.

If you're willing, I'll teleport you back to Flarine. You'll need it! The path to become an Acrobat may be difficult for some, but it's so worth it!

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Come back if you change your mind, friend. You've passed the first test! If you want to become an Acrobat, you must complete this simple task. I cannot help you any further. You're going to need it! It would certainly be a shame if you quit now.

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I'll be here if you have a change of heart. I will cover Acrobat weaponry with you now. Acrobats are able to wield both Bows and Yo-Yos. The strength of the basic shot is determined by how long you wait before releasing the arrow. However, the strength of the basic attack only changes depending on special skills used in conjunction with them.

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I want you to travel to Flaris, and visit the High-Dwarpets. They have important information for you. Check your map M Key to find your way if you get lost. Come see me again if you change your mind. I see.

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Very well, I will continue your training. Listen up! There are 6 special bow abilities and 7 special yo-yo abilities. I shall teach you a common Acrobat ability, Dark Illusion. However, keep in mind that any actions performed while under the effects of this ability aside from movement will remove the effect. Take this. Did Pyre send you? If he did, you would have something for me.