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Here is their statement on them. I ordered but haven't received them yet, probably tomorrow. In a recent shipment, our carrier was hauling a couple of large truck axles that broke loose in transit, absolutely destroying a brand new drum of bullets. All but 8, brand new, shiny bullets spilled out in his truck.

He swept them into a pile, along with all the debris in his truck, put them in a barrel, and delivered them to us. Fortunately, we knew exactly what to do.

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We polished the bullets and removed the debris. Some may have a few minor dents , but nothing that will affect accuracy or performance. This is your chance to get them for even less than you have before!

Berry bullets cheaper than Berry's website, a discount on top of that price, free shipping and a free tee. What a deal!!!

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Weekly Special. I am now an X-Tremendous subscriber. Originally Posted by Dundee.

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Originally posted by Riley: Im looking to try another brand of coated 9mm bullets. Partially just because I need some more and partly to see if any others are better.

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Not shaving in the seating but flakey. Missouri Bullet Hi-Tek Coated.

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Love them so far. Ran a Mag with 3x , and then these 's What a smooth shooter. M9 and a short barrel. German 45, Sig 45 Ultra Compact and a few others. A sample of Blues is on the way. My reloading components seem to disappear quickly. Originally posted by sigarmsp quote:.

I've shot lots of BBI in the past and been very pleased with them. As for bulk bullets, I mostly shoot ibejiheads now. For me, Precision bullets. They are swaged for the same weight and geometry consistency as jacketed bullets and they have always been quite accurate. They are hard enough for any 9x19, 9x21,. Banjo Man.